Enforcing Your Insurance Policy Rights

When you have paid your insurance premiums, you expect your insurance company to honor the contract as agreed upon. Clients regularly come to us confused about why their insurance company will not help them.

They do not understand that, to preserve profit margins, insurance companies routinely undervalue cases in settlement offers. They may even outright reject your claim in bad faith.

For that reason, you should put Connick Law LLC in your corner when you are dealing with a bad faith insurance claim rejection. Our lawyers serve the insurance law needs of the entire state of Ohio, and nationally, by properly valuing our clients' cases and then aggressively prosecuting their claims.

In-Depth Insurance Industry Knowledge

We can provide that level of representation because of our lead attorney in this area. He holds extensive insider knowledge of the insurance industry, having previously worked as an insurance adjuster and as a litigation manager for an insurance company.

Further, our firm's lead insurance law attorney has an experience as a litigator, as a trial attorney and as an appellate attorney. In fact, he has appeared before the Ohio state Supreme Court. He understands how the legal system handles insurance claims at every level and can put that knowledge to work for you on your case.

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